Our centres offer a huge variety of activities

SSE Outdoors activities are... Legendary!

You can choose from a huge range of on and off site activities across all our centres and our managers will put together a superb programme for your stay based on your choices.

Our fun, and highly qualified, instructors bring all our activities alive and even the most apprehensive of children feel safe and secure to ‘give it a go’ and surprise themselves at their personal achievements. Read about our risk assessments here.

Your centre manager will be more than happy to discuss adaptations to activities and programmes, especially for any SEN children you may have, so do
get in touch to find out more.

= Charterhouse Outdoor Centre
= Great Wood

= Kilve Court
= Outdoor Centre 

Abseiling on rockface

Dare you walk backwards over a cliff? Can you do it?

Abseiling Tower

What goes up must come down. You’ll have a rope of course.


Keen eye and a steady hand? Start your Olympic or Paralympic career here!


Meet the Galaxy, find the planets and search for stars!

Barefoot Sensory Trail

Toe-tastic fun!

Beach Exploration

 Wild, wet and wonderful.

Buggy Building

Design and build rideable buggies out of barrels, poles and planks. 


Survival skills for the great outdoors.


  Campfire songs, stories and great times! 


Get swallowed by a swallet, try chimney-ing without a fire, and look for crystals in pools behind stone curtains.

Climbing on Rockface

Up close and personal with a real rockface, #crush that climb!


Unleash your spider senses and take the climbing wall challenge!

Dam Building

Dam building is a spoonful of maths, a blob of physics and a hint of engineering.

Duck & Dam

Ducks, dams and drenchings! Duck racing!

Environmental art

Take a bit from here, a bit from there and make your own art.

Fantasy Trail/ Night Line

Creatures, hidden traps & squelchy mud...

Frisbee Golf

It’s a fascinating sport needing a keen eye and a steady hand.

Gorge/Stream Walk

 You're going to get muddy - and very wet!

Grass Sledging

Not as cold as snow, but just as much fun!

High Ropes

Like the low ropes – but much, much higher. 

Hill Walking

On top of the world! 


Puzzle-words to muddle your head.


It’s very wild, it’s very wonderful – and it’s very very wet!

Low ropes

Crawling through giant spiders’ webs, crossing narrow bridges and clambering over obstacles.

Millennium Maze

Twists and turns, plotting, planning and ambushing!

Mountain Biking

Skimming the awesome terrain – with style. So much fun!

Mountain Boarding

Death-defying downhill daring (without the snow!)

Night walks

Smell the evening air; listen to the night sounds; wonder at the stars.


East west, home’s best! Who needs a sat nav, when you have a map and a compass!

Paddle Boarding

Are you a super ‘SUP’er??? The best balancing fun to be had on water! 

Pond Study

Who lives in here? Take it up gently and say ‘hello’.

Quantock Adventure

The beautiful secret life of the Great Wood surroundings.

Rifle Shooting

Skill, precision and discipline. Not that easy!

Rocket Building and Launch

  Egg-splosive fun! Can you bring your egg-stronaut back to earth in one piece?


Get blown away! Learn how to become a top notch sailor sailing on a Pico.

Shelter building

Show me your designs, using leaves and vines...

Stream Walk and Study

  Have a splashing time with us!


Hooray! (Where’s my cossie?) We have our own Swimming Pool at Greatwood!

Team Building Games and Challenges

  Dare you trust your mates?

Tracking & Trailing

Hide’n’seek and way-finding in the woods. How quickly can you find the other team?

Wide Games

Everyone likes to play's up to you what you'd like to play.

Wood Collecting and Campfire

Campfire songs, stories and great times!

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